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Easy Ordering

    Order by phone: 1-800-366-8794
    Order by FAX: 1-734-461-2858
    Order by mail: Perfect Pets Inc.  23180 Sherwood Rd. Belleville, MI 48111
    Order by e-mail: GSchrock1@aol.com

    Payment must accompany each order.

    Zoos and other recognized institutions are given an open account.

Easy Payment

    We accept MasterCard®, VISA®, American Express® and Discover®.

Reliable Shipping

    Smaller orders (up to 1.25kg) will be shipped via UPS Priority mail or Global Priority mail with postage costs starting at $5.00 for continental U.S. orders.

    Larger orders shipped within the U.S. will be sent via UPS Ground Service.

    Next Day Service is available at an additional charge.

    All shipping is done on an FOB (Freight-on-Buyer) basis.

email: wombaroo@adelaide.on.net Phone: 08 8379 1339

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