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About These Products:

Handrearing small animals can be difficult and time consuming. In Australia, the land of small marsupials, a number of specialized products have been developed to assist in mammal feeding programs. Essential equipment for the amateur and professional alike has been gathered together here. The latex teats and feeding bottles we offer have been used successfully for years for a wide variety of animals.

Bottle and Teats
Teats Code
STM Small in-pouch kangaroos, wallabies, possums
MTM In-pouch kangaroos, wallabies, koalas
TM Out of pouch kangaroos, wallabies
FM Out of pouch kangaroos, wallabies, koalas
D Deer. 26 mm finish to fit larger bottles
F Flying Fox, some breeds of dog
C Cats, rabbits, carnivorous marsupials
SD Small dogs, possums, gliders
P Small, hard to feed mammals
LD Large dogs, wombats, koalas
Latex Teats:

  • Each teat is very soft and conforms to the individual, internal shape of the animal's mouth. These teats are also designed to fit air-tight on 10 - 12 ml syringe barrels. We guarantee no leakage or air bubbles.

  • If your animal is not listed, you may need to try a number of different teats to find the one most suitable. Ask us for help.

  • Teats for an infant should resemble the mother's in shape and length for mouth comfort, fit and correct tooth eruption.

  • Marsupial teats get longer as the joey grows, so progression to longer teats is important. Suggested uses for the various teat sizes and shapes are made below, however individual carers will be able to decide which is the best for their individual animal.

Size of Hole

There is no hole in the teats, in order taht the caregiver can make a hole to suit the age of the animal. Pierce the tip of the teat with a hot needle to make a hole about 1 mm in diameter, or for large animals, cut a hole with scissors. If the hole is too small, excessive sucking will quickly weaken the tip and the end will blow out.

If this is happening then the hole is probably too small for the animal. Make a larger hole. The hole should be large enough for milk to drip out slowly, when the bottle is inverted.

Feeding Technique

Small animals can be fed using a syringe with a teat pulled over the end, to give greater control of milk flow with the plunger. Guidance should be obtained from experienced carers on correct feeding technique for different animals.

Care and Storage

Latex is a natural product. Deterioration can be slowed by storing teats in a dry place away from light. An opaque, airtight container should be used. Immediately after use, teats should be washed in warm soapy water, dried and stored as above. Some carers sterilise by boiling or with infant sterilising solutions.

These plastic bottles are designed to fit the teats and hold 110 ml. or 4 ozs. of liquid.

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