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About This Product:

  • First Aid Formula ia an emergency nutrition aid for all sick or orphaned animals, including marsupials.

  • First Aidis a low lactose milk formula made up of caseinates, whey protein isolates, milk fat, vegetable oils, EPA, DHA, vitamins and minerals.

Directions for Use:

  • To use full strength, add 1 level measure (20g) of powder to 130ml of pre-boiled warm water.

  • To make one liter of milk, add 6 level measures of powder to 500ml of pre-boiled warm water. Mix into a paste, then make up to one liter using pre-boiled warm water and mixing thoroughly. An electric whisk can be used for mixing.

  • Prepared milk can be stored for 24 hours if refrigerated, or up to two weeks if frozen in ice cube trays..

  • Milk that has been thawed should be mixed well before use. Do not refreeze.


  • For the first 3 feeds, use First Aid at half strength. (Half measure plus 130ml warm pre-boiled water).

  • Thereafter, feed First Aid full strength until Wombaroo Milk Replacer for the animal is obtained.

  • Store below 30º C (86º F). Protect from light and moisture.

  • This product is available in 250g and 500g packs.

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